Sir; The events of Tuesday, September 11, brought a new meaning to the word terrorism'. The loss of innocent life on such a large scale and the devastation that followed the attack was both horrifying and traumatising. The world needs to know who was responsible for these atrocities, for many who died were not US citizens. Unfortunately, due to the inability to comprehend this, certain individuals have directed their anger at the ethnic communities. I particularly condemn those who are carrying out racist attacks in the name of this recent tragedy. Uncertainty about what is going to happen as a result of the attack has generated anxiety and fear among the ethnic minority people everywhere, who are worried that they may become a target of retaliation. I applaud the MPs, MSPs and the police for the re-assurance that they have given to the Muslim community. However, the people carrying out these racist attacks in the name of the recent tragedy do not care about the religion, they are simply attacking people of the same colour. In the US, mosques were not the only places of worship attacked, but Gurudawaras and Hindu temples also. In the name of good race relations for all people, I urge that similar reassurances and consideration will be extended to all individuals, groups and communities who fear being a target by extremists. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest sorrow to the victims of the September 11 in the US and my deepest sympathy for all their families. Pete Cheema Costcutter Drip Road, Stirling and director, Central Scotland Racial Equality Council {{LETTERS }}