Ed Bedington
A major overhaul is expected to breathe new life into the meat, fish and poultry category for Asda. The multiple has spent 12 months re-designing the entire section, and the new look was launched this week.
Mark James, general manager of meat and fish, said: "We wanted to give it a brand new fresh feel and try and put some life back into what has become a flat market."
James said the multiple had approached the project from a customer perspective and interviewed hundreds of shoppers to get their views on the category.
"We found that customers wanted reassurance following the various scares in the meat sector.
"They also wanted it to be easier to shop and they were looking for inspiration as well."
The category has now been given colour-coded trays for each product, packaging and labels have been re-designed, inspirational header boards added and recipe leaflets provided to hand.
The new layout of the category has also allowed the retailer to highlight its Meals Made Easy range, a semi-convenient offering, like chicken with a cooking sauce, which is an area James said they were keen to drive.
"The colour-coded trays make it much easier for the customers to navigate, and the new labels give more information like recipe ideas."
The retailer has also introduced 100 new lines, including products like a boneless haddock fillet. "We've gone through everything in terms of quality to ensure we're offering the best quality products around," added James.
The new format is now being rolled out across the Asda estate.