Asda has launched a price comparison website dedicated exclusively to petrol.

It allows drivers to check and compare prices within a three-mile radius of their local Asda forecourt. The supermarket claimed the tool would highlight “huge discrepancies” between towns where Asda operates and those where it does not.

Research by the AA has previously indicated that an Asda filling station in a town has a direct effect on the price charged by rivals for petrol.

“Our new comparison site will enable millions of drivers to see for themselves how much we charge and how that compares to all the other retailers where they live,” said Asda’s trading director for petrol, Andy Peake.

“We intend to shine a headlight on the exorbitant prices other retailers are prepared to charge when Asda isn’t nearby. It’s time for them to come clean or risk being given the cold, hard shoulder by drivers up and down the country.”