At last! An answer to one of the great culinary queries of our time: just how much pizza does the average Brit eat in their lifetime? According to the PhD-wielding statisticians at *adjusts glasses*, it’s ‘731… or an incredible 5.847 slices’.

Incredible indeed! UK average life expectancy is 81 years. Let’s round that down to 75 to take off the non-solids years: calculations on The Grocer’s office abacus reveal this equates to a pitiful 9.7 pizzas per year! Whoever conducted this survey clearly hasn’t fought through the piles of takeaway boxes piled up in Bogof’s recycling bin.

The code masters reckon Brits will spend £9,725 on takeaway pizzas in a lifetime, with another six grand spent in supermarkets. If Bogof lives to 81 (unlikely, for obvious reasons), the figure is likely be significantly eclipsed. If only there was some way of getting a discount!