Somerfield has agreed to top level talks with farmers’ leaders after shoppers protested about the sale of South American beef in a Welsh store.
Locals were angered by Brazilian beef being sold at a discount in a new store in Bala, north Wales.
Farmers’ Union of Wales deputy president Emyr Jones was asked to intervene.
After talks with Somerfield’s area manager, he was contacted by head office and invited for further discussions about the company’s buying policy.
“This is a positive step forward,” said Jones. “Somerfield is willing to discuss its purchasing policy and the issue of the sourcing of Welsh and British produce.”
Somerfield admitted it had invited Jones to a meeting with its red meat buyer Tom Harvey. A spokesman said: “If the FUW is prepared to work with us, we would like to discuss local supply to Somerfield stores in that part of Wales.”
However, the chain defended its decision to stock Brazilian beef. “Our commitment is to increase our sourcing of UK meat wherever possible,” said the spokesman.
“NFU figures will tell you the UK is only 60% self-sufficient in red meat. If we didn’t have the Brazilian steak we wouldn’t be able to meet demand.”