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Sainsbury’s recalls Plant Pioneers shroomdogs over presence of metal

Items with use-by dates of 6 or 7 January are impacted. No other products have been affected

combine harvester in field crops harvest

Defra launches consultation on crop gene editing plans

The government said such a move would help improve crop resilience and help it achieve its environmental agenda

Jammy Rudolph Shortcake CUTOUT

Costa Coffee recalls Jammy Rudolph Shortcake over undeclared egg

The undeclared ingredient presents a possible health risk for those with an egg allergy or intolerance


M&S recalls chicken curry over packaging error

The error means the item contains undeclared milk


FSA abolishes 10-day use-by-date rule for fresh meat

The new guidance will move the default use-by-date to at least 13 days for vacuum and modified atmosphere packed red meat

chickens poultry farm

Poultry housing order imposed across Great Britain amid bird flu outbreak

The restrictions will require all poultry farms in England, Scotland and Wales to keep their flocks indoors


Bird flu found at North Yorkshire turkey rearing farm

The turkey fattening site has become the latest commercial poultry farm to register a case of bird flu

Microscope lab

GB-wide bird flu prevention zone declared following further outbreaks

A breeder farm and wild birds in western England tested positive for a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu this week

British Lion eggs

FSA extends salmonella advice on Fairburn eggs to additional batches

Some 38 egg SKUs sold through five different retailers are now subject to the advice to cook eggs thoroughly

Guinness 00 (1)

Guinness recalls newly launched alcohol-free version over contamination fears

The Diageo-owned brand urged shoppers not to consume purchased cans of the drink 


Great Britain bird flu risk raised to ‘high’ after Cheshire farm outbreak

The UK’s chief veterinary officers have urged bird keepers to prevent any contact between their flocks and wild birds

bird flu

Birds culled after avian flu outbreak detected at Cheshire farm

Further testing was underway to determine if the outbreak was linked to cases in Europe, Defra said

British Lion eggs

FSA issues egg advice over salmonella contamination link

A raft of eggs sold by Sainsbury’s, Asda and Aldi have been linked to a salmonella contamination at supplier LJ Fairburn


Sainsbury’s recalls mussels over salmonella fears

The supermarket has taken a ‘small quantity’ of its By Sainsbury’s cooked mussels (300g) off sale

Waitrose No1 Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate

Waitrose recalls chocolate over packaging blunder with undeclared nuts

The retailer’s No1 Dominican Republic milk chocolate 49% packaging was filled with its orange and almond variant instead

Waitrose pork and chorizo burgers

Waitrose recalls pork burgers over undeclared egg

Egg was not mentioned as an ingredient on the item’s packaging

meat beef

FSA examines abolition of 10-day use-by date rule

The regulator has launched a consultation to explore the potential extension of the maximum shelf life of meat beyond 10 days


FSA urges businesses to prepare for coming allergen labelling law change

New labelling rules – aka Natasha’s Law – come into effect on 1 October 2021

Waitrose chocolate muffins GettyImages-1224859715

Waitrose recalls cupcakes over undeclared walnuts

A batch of the product was mispacked and contained the supermarket’s coffee & walnut mini cupcakes

CBD testing

Eos Scientific offers SMEs reduced-price CBD testing service

The supplier is charging £40k-£100k for an ‘end-to-end regulatory service’ for novel foods status