Jet Spar Selby

Spar recalls pasta salad over incorrect fish labelling

Customers should return the 250g tub of salad to the store it was purchased from for a full refund

sandwich production

Listeria outbreak: FSA to examine hospital food supply chains

FSA board member Mary Quicke has raised concerns over the integrity of hospital chill chains


Hospitals told to stop serving sandwiches after listeria deaths

Three have died in a listeria outbreak linked to contaminated sandwiches supplied to hospitals

Eggs in manufacturing

UK food manufacturers turning away from imported eggs

Research from British Lion has suggested almost half of UK shoppers want to know where the eggs in their food products are sourced from


Listeria outbreak linked to hospital sandwiches kills three people

The supplier, Staffordshire-based The Good Food Chain, has voluntarily ceased production


British pig producers cut antibiotic use further

The pig sector’s antibiotic use fell 16% in 2018, putting it closer to the 2020 industry target


Food safety recalls surge by over a third, says FSA

In total there was a 36% increase in alerts issued between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019

Horse meat

Irish police launch raids in horsemeat fraud probe

The raids were in connection to suspected offences linked to the tampering of identification documents of horses presented for slaughter

Muller Cadbury1

Müller recalls batches of Cadbury desserts over listeria outbreak

Müller has linked the contamination to an ingredient exclusive to the two Cadbury desserts affected

Sausage and Mash

Waitrose recalls sausages after use-by date labelling error

Batches of sausages with a use-by date of 4 July have been recalled – the date should have been 4 June

meat bacon sausages

AHDB slams 'misleading' meat advice from doctor group

The Plant-Based Health Professionals group is calling for a ban of processed meat in hospitals over cancer links


Dairy-free: lack of clear regulation ‘putting consumers at risk’

There are currently no specific regulations on what can or cannot be described as dairy-free


Cow & Gate recalls stage three meal over rubber contamination

The recall concerns Cheesy Broccoli Bake with batch code 28122020 and best before date 28 December 2020

restaurant cafe table

FSA to gather data on allergic reactions in pubs and cafés

The new FSA-led reporting mechanism would help it to ‘more quickly identify food businesses that may have served unsafe food’


Booths recalls corned beef over metal pieces risk

The recall applies to 100g packs with a use-by date of 8 May 2019


Pret begins rollout of full ingredient labelling nationwide

The chain has also unveiled a a new “Five Point Allergy Plan” aimed at tackling some of the issues faced by customers with allergies

Amazon Echo Dot advert

Pig sector complains to ASA over Amazon advert

The National Pig Association said Amazon’s Echo Dot cinema ad encouraged the illegal act of ’swill feeding’, which could spread disease


Quorn claims sabotage after chicken nuggets found in veggie products

Quorn stressed it had strict segregation procedures, approved by both The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society

food hygiene rating fsa

FSA warns of food hygiene rating scam in England & Wales

The FSA stressed it or local authorities would demand money for ratings

meat beef

Meat processors call for 10-day use-by date rule to be abolished

New research by the BMPA is set to show use-by dates could be safely extended beyond the FSA’s recommendations