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Pret allergen labelling

Is Pret making sufficient progress with its allergy labelling overhaul? Subscription

CEO Clive Schlee announced on Friday the company had finally rolled out its first full ingredient labelling pilot

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allergy label

Watchdog shows determination with food allergy investigation Subscription

30 Nov 2018 | By Megan Tatum

The tragic consequences of inadequately flagging up allergens in food has come under heavy scrutiny in recent months

biscuit production bakery

Why small businesses are on Professor Chris Elliott’s food safety watchlist for 2019

27 Nov 2018 | By Chris Elliott

Food hygiene and allergy control must be rolled into a single system of monitoring and enforcement, says Professor Chris Elliott 

food hygiene rating fsa

Food standards enforcement hampered by lack of workers Subscription

23 Nov 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Authorities in England and Wales were struggling to fulfil obligations under the Food Law Code of Practice, the FSA found

Just Eat

Just Eat to include food hygiene ratings on app and website Subscription

22 Nov 2018 | By Steve Farrell

The move follows reports that takeaways listed on the delivery app and site included many given a zero hygiene rating

Booths mince pies recalled

Booths recalls own-label mince pies after plastic found Subscription

21 Nov 2018 | By Marianne Calnan

The mince pies were manufactured by Bells of Lazonby


Industry must unite on allergen data or face more preventable deaths

21 Nov 2018 | By Coral Rose

It will take industry-wide collaboration and support from government to collate allergen information, says Coral Rose, managing director of Country Range Group

Boiled egg

Egg sales soar after FSA changes runny egg advice

08 Nov 2018 | By Rachel Graham

An additional 70 million eggs were sold in 2018, according to Kantar Worldpanel


Genome editing could change the way the UK does fresh food

07 Nov 2018 | By Agustin Zsögön

After Brexit, the UK has the opportunity to become a world leader in genome-edited produce, says Dr Agustin Zsögön

Pret breakfast

Pret must rebuild trust but Smith hire marks decisive action

02 Nov 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The sandwich chain seems to have finally woken up to its responsibilities

Veggie Pret shelves

Tim Smith must make Pret take full responsibility for its supply chain Subscription

31 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

After months of questionable handling of its rapidly emerging allergy crisis, Pret has finally taken a sensible step

tim smith, tesco

Pret hires ex-FSA boss Tim Smith as food safety adviser

31 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The sandwich chain has come under increasing pressure to review its food safety policies and procedures in the wake of several serious allergen incidents

raw meat burger

Food Unwrapped: Kate and Jimmy revisit a perennial question

28 Oct 2018 | By Angelina Mason

”Do we really know what we’re putting on our plates?” The question presenter Kate Quilton asked in Food Unwrapped has been raised numerous times

allergens one use

How are rivals reacting to Pret's allergen labelling woes? Subscription

25 Oct 2018 | By Angelina Mason

Two allergy-related deaths have raised consciousness of allergen labelling to fever pitch. So how are Pret and other operators responding? 

Lamb - one use

Cause of salmonella outbreak linked to lamb still unclear

25 Oct 2018 | By Kevin White

The outbreak has been linked to 300 cases of illness and is thought to have contributed to one death 


Deliveroo to add individual dish allergen info to menus

25 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Deliveroo is also introducing prominent allergen warnings on its app

cows cattle

British farmers can’t relax yet on antibiotic use in livestock Subscription

24 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Farmers should be commended for their efforts to reduce antibiotic use in livestock, but there is much more to be done


British livestock farmers slash on farm antibiotic use by 18% Subscription

24 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Sales of veterinary drugs have fallen by 40% since 2013, according to latest data from the Veterinary Medicines Directorat


Michael Gove urges food labelling action ahead of review

24 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

‘Natasha’s law’ could come into force as early as next summer, he confirmed

ubamarket allergy app shopper

Ubamarket scan-as-you-go app adds allergen alerts feature Subscription

23 Oct 2018 | By Andrew Don

Shoppers will be able to scan items using the Ubamarket app and receive an alert for any allergens


Authorities investigate salmonella outbreak linked to lamb

19 Oct 2018 | By Carina Perkins

More than 300 people have fallen ill since July 2017



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