Aldi adds nitrite-free bacon to Super Six promotion

26 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

It uses a mix of fruits and spice extracts instead of nitrites – described as a carcinogen by the WHO…

Dunnes-Stores-Portlaoise-2 web

Dunnes Stores recalls deli filler amid listeria fears Subscription

20 Apr 2018 | By Emily Bright

The recall affects batches with sell-by dates from 13 to 20 April…

food crime

Industry must speak out about food crime, insists NFCU boss Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The food crime unit is still receiving very little intelligence from industry sources despite repeated reassurances whistle-blowers would be given “absolute anonymity”


Iceland denies temperature control problems ahead of exposé Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Steve Farrell

“We are entirely refuting every piece it,” says Iceland joint MD Nigel Broadhurst

Sainsbury's chicken pouches

Sainsbury's to roll out 'no touch' chicken pouches

16 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The ‘tear and tip’ pouches are designed to appeal to shoppers with an aversion to raw meat

Faccenda PETA video

Faccenda defends welfare record in face of vegan complaints

13 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Vegan campaign group PETA complained to the ASA about Faccenda’s ‘misleading’ claims of animal welfare on its website

Single Use - Russell Hume

Russell Hume 'in good financial health' before collapse Subscription

12 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The supplier held £13.6m-worth of food stock, had no secured debt in place, and had £9.6m cash at the bank


Cranswick warns meat companies to improve transparency Subscription

12 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The meat giant’s Radical Transparency report warned suppliers needed to demonstrate greater accountability

NFU conference 2017

NFU urges caution over hormone-treated beef imports Subscription

05 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Australian negotiators see an end to the UK’s ban on the controversial practice as central to any future free trade deal


Red meat link to bowel cancer not proven, stress health experts Subscription

04 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Media reports on a study published yesterady were ‘misleading’, they claim…

Scrawny hen webby

British Lion partially suspends Walston Poultry Farm Subscription

20 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Animal rights group Animal Equality installed hidden cameras at the central Dorset farm from January to March this year

Craft beer

Craft brewers appeal to mults over beer best before dates Subscription

15 Mar 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Tesco and Asda have come under fire from craft brewers

2 sisters factory

Food safety experts warn against inspection reforms Subscription

09 Mar 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Food safety experts warn against inspection reforms

2 Sisters

No evidence of serious hygiene breaches at 2 Sisters says FSA Subscription

02 Mar 2018 | By Carina Perkins

There was no evidence of regulatory breaches serious enough to prompt enforcement action beyond verbal warnings, reports FSA

Ranjit singh

Ranjit Singh Boparan steps down as CEO of 2 Sisters after 25 years

27 Feb 2018 | By Julia Glotz

Singh will become president of Boparan Holdings Limited, the parent company of 2 Sisters. The process of finding a new CEO has started

meat pigs abattoir

Slaughterhouse CCTV legislation to go before parliament Subscription

23 Feb 2018 | By Kevin White

Proposed legislation follows a consultation where 99% of respondents said they supported the plans

booker depot warehouse wholesale

Booker recalls Happy Shopper tomato ketchup over plastic risk Subscription

22 Feb 2018 | By Andrew Don

The 440g packs are from batch code 7269 and have a best before date of end March 201p

meat food crime

Russell Hume goes into administration

19 Feb 2018 | By Kevin White

The meat supplier has been under investigation by the Food Standards Agency over labelling concerns since late January

ThinkstockPhotos lamb

Birmingham Halal Abattoir hit by £18,000 fine Subscription

16 Feb 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The company was convicted of failing to inspect 41 sheep before sending them to slaughter

Wetherspoon Web

JD Wetherspoon stands by Fairfax Meadow despite FSA scrutiny Subscription

14 Feb 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Fairfax voluntarily withdrew a raft of meat products earlier this week due to concerns over use-by labelling…

Chef in a kitchen_one use

Fairfax Meadow withdraws meat products after unannounced FSA inspection

11 Feb 2018 | By Julia Glotz

The FSA said the company had acted “properly and proportionately” in withdrawing potentially affected products from the market

2 Sisters

2 Sisters to cut 900 jobs

08 Feb 2018 | By Kevin White

The poultry giant is planning to close three loss-making factories in wake of last autumn’s chicken scandal

Beef mince_generic pic_Pexels

Use-by dates in spotlight again as FSA supplier audit prompts meat recall by Muscle Food

08 Feb 2018 | By Julia Glotz

An unannounced visit at Muscle Food supplier DB Foods revealed concerns about use-by labelling


Russell Hume site in Liverpool allowed to resume production

05 Feb 2018

Production at the other sites remains suspended while investigations continue

Food Safety Crime Criminal

Brits want more transparency about supply chain fraud Subscription

29 Jan 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Most (64%) UK consumers would expect businesses to inform the authorities of any health risk fraud says Ipsos Mori poll

Joanna Blythman opinion quote

The tiny particles that could pose big risks

05 Apr 2018 | By Joanna Blythman

The pearly white colouring, titanium dioxide E171, has been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”


Could Australian trade talks undermine the UK’s post-Brexit welfare promises? Subscription

03 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Michael Gove might have won the battle over chlorinated chicken, but the war on our food standards has only just begun, hormone-treated beef imports anyone?

Steak packaging

What you need to know about use-by rules for meat Subscription

26 Feb 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Use-by labelling rules for meat are under the spotlight

Chris Elliot

Scandal reflects food safety progress

22 Feb 2018 | By Chris Elliott

The National Food Crime Unit was taking an active role in the investigation

Kath Dalmeny

Light-touch meat regulation reveals alarming complacency

20 Feb 2018 | By Kath Dalmeny

We seem to suffer collective memory failure when it comes to the safety and integrity of our meat supply

fry family foods cultured chicken nuggets

‘Ultra-processed’ study could have ramifications for the vegan revolution Subscription

15 Feb 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The meat and dairy industries need to take a more proactive stance when it comes to defending the reputation of their products, in light of these latest findings

meat food crime

The Russell Hume scandal has shown how easy it is to relabel meat

02 Feb 2018 | By Adam Leyland

The Food Standards Agency has received government signoff to properly fund the National Food Crime Unit

totall recall main

How can companies protect themselves against recalls? Subscription

19 Jan 2018 | By Richard Pendleton

The potential damage from product recalls is being magnified by social media and cost pressures

Bleached chicken hanging on a production line (not UK processor)

Resolving our food differences with the US could be nearly as tricky as Brexit Subscription

16 Jan 2018 | By Kevin White

As the chlorinated chicken row rumbles on, resolving differences with our friends across the pond could become as challenging as the Brexit negotiations

horsemeat testing

We forget the lessons of Horsegate at our peril

15 Jan 2018 | By Julia Glotz

It has become the reference point for anyone concerned about the integrity of our food supply chains and the integrity of the food business more broadly, so what’s changed?


Horsegate: five years on Subscription

15 Jan 2018 | By Megan Tatum

It was the biggest crisis to hit grocery in decades. Five years on, we ask six leading figures to relive their memories of watching ’Horsegate’ unfold from the front line 

ranjit singh 2 sisters

2 Sisters’ transparency move could be a game-changer Subscription

20 Dec 2017 | By Kevin White

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the horsegate scandal, we should welcome these first steps towards more openness in the food industry



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