Ad of the Week: Gü reverses time with hallucinatory backwards trip

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Trippy indulgence is all the rage in sweet treat ads at the moment (think Ferrero Rocher, Galaxy) - perhaps as a result of better, cheaper CGI. Anyway Gü is no different, pitching a young woman into a hallucinatory world of swirling desserts.

What does set the ad apart is that it unfolds backwards. Our heroine’s surroundings gradually become recognisable, with a melting stairwell and a freaky sofa both recovering their form and colour, as she dances ecstatically back to her seat, and the pud that inspired it all.

It’s interesting to see the desserts pitched as dinner party-worthy, though the other guests don’t seem to have been swept up in the ‘Güphoria’. Perhaps they haven’t had a bite yet.

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