Purina cat soup

Nestlé Purina is set to unveil a new soup range - aimed at cats.

The NPD, which will go on sale in Tesco and Morrisons next month under the Purina Gourmet brand, was developed in response to cats’ love for the gravy in their wet food.

Designed to complement a moggy’s existing diet, the Gourmet Soup will be sold in 40g single-serve pouches (rsp: 78p) in four variants: flakes of natural chicken and fine vegetables, natural tuna loins and anchovies, natural tuna loins and whole shrimps, and finely sliced chicken.

“We are committed to fuelling category growth through innovation and NPD,” said Mark Zaki, Purina Gourmet senior brand manager. “We are particularly excited about the launch of Gourmet Soup, which responds to a key consumer demand and provides a brand new feeding occasion.”

Gourmet has also extended its Mon Petit and Gold ranges. Mon Petit now includes Duo, two new multipacks each containing a combination of meat and fish in six single-serve pouches (rsp: £1.99/50g), while Gourmet Gold Savoury Cake is a canned meal with a meaty texture available in beef, chicken, tuna and salmon flavours (rsp: 50p/85g).