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Morrisons snaps up Cornish seafood supplier Falfish

The business has a longstanding trading relationship with Morrisons dating back more than 16 years 

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4_Infarm High-Capacity Farming

Infarm launches larger-scale vertical farm offering for retailers

The Berlin-based firm has launched a line of ‘modular farming units’ it calls Growing Centres, which stand up to 18 metres high

NFU Conference 2021

Five key takeaways from the NFU conference

The annual food producer’s conference took place on Tuesday (23 February)

Greencore MW_Electric Egg

Greencore commits to fully recyclable packaging by 2025

Sandwich giant Greencore will commit to producing only recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025 as part of a wider sustainability drive presented to investors and analysts later today.

Minette Batters nfu

UK must prioritise food security, Minette Batters tells NFU conference

The NFU president spoke of a ‘real risk’ of an erosion of British food and drink production 


Major salmonella outbreak in frozen chicken traced to Poland

The FSA says almost 500 cases of the bug have been linked to the contaminated products since the start of 2020


Morrisons launches major pork price promotion amid flooded European market

The move follows a collapse in demand for pork and tumbling farmgate prices


The tech that can keep Brexit Britain connected

As red tape and delays threaten the efficiency of cross-border trade, how is technology keeping Britain moving?


Wholesalers plan to quit Irish market over border checks

New checks down the Irish Sea have made sales to the region unviable for some specialist wholesalers

Arla plant

Arla sounds alarm over rise in costs due to rising feed costs

It comes amid tight global supplies of cereals, with Arla warning the cost of production could rise by 6%


Onion and leek sales soar in latest Covid-19 lockdown

Volume sales increases were primarily attributed to the lockdown-related trend of scratch-cooking

Jack Hamilton - Mash Direct

Mash Direct sees Irish listings boom amid Brexit border chaos

Eight of the Northern Irish grower’s prepared veg lines went on sale across M&S’s 18 stores in the Republic of Ireland last week

corn crop

We should be stimulating the gene editing debate, not shutting it down

Fifty British organisations have written to supermarket CEOs, urging them to make a public statement denouncing the deregulation of gene editing

Plant farming

Growers vote to abolish AHDB’s compulsory horticulture levy

But with AHDB suggesting the result was ’complex’ many growers are concerned the government may disregard the outcome

Tony's Chocolonely

A rush to ‘cancel’ Tony’s Chocolonely would be a mistake

The much-loved ethical brand has been dropped from Slave Free Chocolate’s list of ethical chocolate companies


Asda makes ‘breakthrough’ commitment to reduce bycatch in seafood supply chains

The retailer has agreed to adopt a series of measures designed to protect endangered marine species

Beef cow and calf

Study shows cattle methane emissions can be reduced by 40%

A multiyear study by red meat giant ABP Food Group has shown it is possible to reduce methane emissions from cattle

London Skyline 40x30

How can the UK be more self-sufficient in food?

As Brexit and climate change threatens UK food imports, self-sufficiency is down. Could new attitudes and tech change food policy?

Olive oil

Soaring vegetable oil prices set to drive food inflation

Sunflower oil has almost doubled in price in the past year, while Italian extra virgin olive oil is up almost 70% 


Ports warn deadline for full EU import checks is too soon

The 11th hour EU deal, combined with delays to government funding, has left ports racing to build

farming field tractor spraying crops

Will Covid recovery mark an overhaul of our food production?

 Two landmark reports say time is running out for change – but 2021 could be a turning point