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Getty pants man

French farmers urged to soil pants

One assumes piles of discarded lingerie are an everyday hazard for France’s fit-izens…

Sow Stalls Thailand

Tesco Lotus under fire over pig welfare

Tesco has pledged to look into eradicating sow stalls in its Thai supply chain after criticism from animal welfare campaigners

Pellets small

Thai Union rolls out first use of Feedkind sustainable shrimp feed

The product is designed to replace fishmeal from wild fish currently used in shrimp feed 


Danone opens up yoghurt strain archive for global research

The move, part of its 100th anniversary, will see it give free access to its archive to researchers for a range of additional uses

italy church bell tower

Country of origin branding is a waste of time – local food is worth more

Chauvinistic bragging about an entire country’s food output misses the point of historic, authentic local food and drink, says Joanna Blythman

Tesco veg1

Tesco extends sole supplier strategy to frozen produce

Through the partnership, Greenyard Frozen UK will increase the volume of frozen vegetables and herbs it supplies to Tesco

H&M factory worker in Savar Bangladesh

What H&M's new transparency scheme can teach food and drink

H&M’s new scheme shows consumer expectations on product transparency are changing. Here’s what this means for grocery

fruit and veg

Organic body OF&G seals global certification partnership

The body said its deal with Control Union UK would give its certified food suppliers access to global markets


Nestlé hits deforestation-free supply chain ‘milestone’

It comes after the company launched its satellite-based Starling service to monitor its global palm oil supply chains for evidence of deforestation

kirkella fishing boat one use

How Brexit trade deals may put UK fishing access at risk

UK might ‘unwittingly’ be making a grave error in negotiations


UK salmon population nearing 'crisis point'

The total catch in 2018 was 33% below the five-year average

Amazon Echo Dot advert

Pig sector complains to ASA over Amazon advert

The National Pig Association said Amazon’s Echo Dot cinema ad encouraged the illegal act of ’swill feeding’, which could spread disease


The not-so-Impossible Whopper: will vegan food change the law?

Progress in food tech will bring about new legal battles, says Will Arends of Marks & Clerk

crops field wind turbines

Food is a public good: let's rethink how we preserve and protect it

A strong food system defines national security, says Michael Bell, executive director of the Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association


Sainsbury's to revive historic beef breed after 35 year gap

Beef from the Kinermony Aberdeen Angus herd has been missing from Sainsbury’s shelves since 1983 

Wales sheep

AHDB modelling predicts post-Brexit ruin for many farmers

Research suggests farm incomes will suffer whether or not the UK secures a Brexit deal

Carbon dioxide CO2 canisters

Food and drink industry faces up to 'fragility' of CO2 supply chains

Some businesses are considering investing in their own CO2 production facilities to prevent future shortages, an industry study revealed

Soil Association Organic

Soil Association teams up with French organic body Ecocert

The partnership means companies certified by Soil Association Certification will now have access to 130 international markets


Co-op makes sustainable soy production commitment

Co-op has partnered with the Round Table on Responsible Soy until the end of 2020

japan golden temple

What opportunities does Japan offer food and drink exporters?

The country has opened its borders to UK beef and lamb. So what are the opportunities for British meat?


Coca-Cola dismisses Irish milk processing facility rumours

A report in the Irish media claimed Coke had met with dairy industry officials