Free trade deal ‘urgent for food & drink’ says BEIS Committee

22 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

A report released by the Commons Committee demanded ‘clarity for UK producers reliant on the EU for both imports and exports’

Beef Cattle 2_0001

Eating Better report urges 'less and better' meat Subscription

19 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The report advocates a shift towards plant-based diets as the key to a sustainable future

Midcounties Co-op

Midcounties Co-operative adopts Happerley traceability scheme Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Emily Bright

Customers can view the provenance of ingredient supply chains encompassing more than 200 food and drink ranges via a QR code

Aldi fish aisle

Aldi named MSC's top supermarket for sustainable seafood Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The Marine Stewardship Council’s analysis shows the percentage of the discounter’s range which is certified has grown from 69% last year to 79%

first milk nestle tanker

First Milk to sell off Arran and Campbeltown creameries Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The dairy co-op said the two sites were no longer a “strategic fit” for the business, however, the move has raised concerns over the future of dairy farming in the region

Dunbia butcher

Dunbia to close Felinfach factory as lease is terminated

17 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

Some 34 jobs will be lost as a result of the closure. It follows warnings of job losses at Tulip and 2 Sisters during the past week

Faccenda PETA video

Faccenda defends welfare record in face of vegan complaints

13 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Vegan campaign group PETA complained to the ASA about Faccenda’s ‘misleading’ claims of animal welfare on its website

Single use - 2 Sisters

2 Sisters to close Cambuslang plant with loss of 450 jobs

13 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The poultry giant said its loss-making factory would close in August after a consultation failed to present any ‘credible proposal to change our view’


Cranswick warns meat companies to improve transparency Subscription

12 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The meat giant’s Radical Transparency report warned suppliers needed to demonstrate greater accountability

Scampi Fishing

Long-term decline in landings 'affecting scampi supplies' Subscription

11 Apr 2018 | By Kevin White

The supplier has increased the amount it pays crews in a bid to halt a decline in supply, with landings in key fisheries the Clyde and Irish Sea were down 18% last year

2 Sisters

2 Sisters pledges 90% recyclable plastic packaging by 2020

10 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The company said the move would almost double the amount of recyclable packaging used in its supply chain, which currently stands at 47% 


Iceland to remove palm oil from all own label food

10 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The frozen food specialist doesn’t believe it is possible to source palm oil sustainably


Live animal export ban consultation launched

10 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Consultation follows introduction of mandatory CCTV in abattoirs and increasing the maximum sentence for cruelty offences

KFC Red Tractor chicken

Red Tractor announces major TV ad push to raise awareness Subscription

03 Apr 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The assurance scheme is planning a multimillion pound spend on the campaign, set for transmission in late summer

kangaroo burgers

Exotic meats: on the brink of supermarket extinction? Subscription

29 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Last week, Lidl became the final UK retailer to announce it would no longer stock kangaroo meat

Organic 2017 web

Organic industry works hard to prevent fraud

28 Mar 2018

Chris Elliot’s concern over organic food fraud is thoughtful and gratefully received, but somewhat misplaced


Mults under pressure over New Zealand lamb facings Subscription

28 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Supermarkets are stocking nearly twice as much British lamb this Easter as last year


Leaf Marque certification for a third of UK produce Subscription

26 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The percentage of UK grown produce matching Leaf standards hit 36% this year


Lidl to stop selling kangaroo meat from June

23 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The discounter cited ‘customer tastes’ and ‘changing preferences’ among its considerations in taking the decision

Scottish beef

QMS explores DNA tracebility system for PGI Scotch Beef

19 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

It is set to launch a study looking at the benefits and implementation of an official scheme 

Sheep farming

Calls to secure profitability for food producers & growers Subscription

15 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

The calls came at a meeting of the Efra Committee to discuss Defra’s command paper about future agricultural policy

One use - Russell Hume

Cost of Russell Hume investigation approaching £750,000 and counting: FSA

14 Mar 2018 | By Kevin White

Costs expected to continue risisng, suggests FSA CEO Jason Feeney as regulatpr’s investigation is ongoing

asda revamped meat aisle

Welfare groups ramp up pressure for method of production labelling

14 Mar 2018 | By Kevin White

The Labelling Matters coalition gearing up for a major campaign calling for labelling on all meat and dairy prodeucts in the ‘near future’ 

beyond meat cultured meat burger

UK customers ready for lab-grown meat 'within a decade' Subscription

13 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Research suggests two-fifths of UK consumers believe they will be eating lab-grown meat and fish by 2028

Heck Super Slim

Heck to alter sausage pack artwork following Times article Subscription

12 Mar 2018 | By Kevin White

Brand insists it has not misled consumers after article misled shoppers by suggesting all animals in its supply chain grazed outside


Does CAMRA’s narrowing lens herald its own demise? Subscription

24 Apr 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

A two-year consultation into its future, rife with hand-wringing and soul-searching, has come to a close with the decision not to widen its remit to include all beer and cider drinkers 

Dan Finke

Data will be crucial for lower-calorie reformulation

24 Apr 2018 | By Dan Finke

Fighting Britain’s obesity crisis moved up a gear this month when Public Health England’s sugar tax came into force for so…


Cryptocurrencies: is there a business case for Bitcoin? Subscription

24 Apr 2018 | By Megan Tatum

Digital startups and forward-thinking high street franchises are beginning to accept cryptocurrency in UK outlets


Cashless payments: can retailers keep up? Subscription

23 Apr 2018 | By Andrew Stone

Late last year, Brunel University students became the first UK shoppers to pay for groceries with only a touch of their fingertips

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon to host The Grocer Own Label Awards

23 Apr 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

She will co-host The Grocer’s awards ceremony on Friday 11 May alongside The Grocer’s editor, Adam Leyland

Joshua Lincoln Majestic

Joshua Lincoln of Majestic Wine on turning the business around Subscription

23 Apr 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Sales at the wine business are growing in a turbulent UK wine market, and customer footfall is on the rise too

co-op cloudy recycled plastic water bottle

Wean shoppers off plastic; GroceryAid: get involved

20 Apr 2018

The headline of your article ‘More Brits worry about plastic than Brexit’ was certainly attention-grabbing…

meat future burger

Future of Meat feature offered industry-leading commentary

20 Apr 2018

The industry-leading depth and commentary is extremely insightful and a real reference document for the sector…

marks & spencer food hall

Is M&S being prepared to be broken in two?

20 Apr 2018 | By Adam Leyland

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne masterminded some great campaigns, including the Mrs Santa and Paddington Bear Christmas ads


Coke and Pepsi slash deals in the run-up to sugar tax Subscription

20 Apr 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Coca-Cola reduced the number of featured space promotions in stores by 32.3% compared with the previous four-week period


Strawberry prices pushed up by Spanish crop shortage Subscription

20 Apr 2018 | By Rutika Ghodekar

Wholesale prices have increased by 65% on last month and are now 63% higher than in April 2017…

twinings tea

Can Twinings' cold water infusion take it beyond tea? Subscription

20 Apr 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

Twinings emerged as the focal point for coffee aficionados last weekend



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