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The not-so-Impossible Whopper: will vegan food change the law?

Progress in food tech will bring about new legal battles, says Will Arends of Marks & Clerk


Co-op makes sustainable soy production commitment

Co-op has partnered with the Round Table on Responsible Soy until the end of 2020

japan golden temple

What opportunities does Japan offer food and drink exporters?

The country has opened its borders to UK beef and lamb. So what are the opportunities for British meat?


Coca-Cola dismisses Irish milk processing facility rumours

A report in the Irish media claimed Coke had met with dairy industry officials


Sainsbury's to bring forward milk supply tender to this year

A profitability crisis in the liquid milk processing sector has contributed to the move


How sustainable coffee is going beyond the reusable cup

Reports of a potential coffee shortage seemed to have hit home at this weekend’s London Coffee Festival

Siciliana bowl

Olive supplier builds up six-month stockpiles in case of no-deal Brexit

Bristol-based the Real Olive Co said the move would safeguard supply to its retail customers

sir david naish

Sir David Naish: tributes paid to former NFU president

Through his tenure as NFU president, Naish also became president of pan-EU farmer representative body COPA

Mowi Marine Harvest

Salmon demand boosts Mowi revenues

The supplier, which rebranded from Marine Harvest to Mowi last November, saw total revenues rise by 4.5% to €3.8bn in 2018

Speed Breeding scaled up in glasshouse_ Andrew Davis.tif

What's behind the need to breed crops at speed?

In a Norwich glasshouse, scientists are experimenting with growing crops more than twice their normal speed

meat beef

Meat processors call for 10-day use-by date rule to be abolished

New research by the BMPA is set to show use-by dates could be safely extended beyond the FSA’s recommendations


Fyffes expelled from Ethical Trading Initiative

Fyffes has 28 days to appeal the ruling, but told The Grocer it was yet to make a decision on whether to do so


British livestock levels falter in wake of 2018 heatwave

The UK’s lamb population took the biggest hit, down 4%, according to Defra

welsh flag wales

Welsh food & drink's global success is being choked by Brexit impasse

A sense of confidence in the Welsh food and drink sector is being tempered by ’ansicrwydd’ or uncertainty around Brexit

cocoa pod

How chocolate makers can help put an end to Ivorian deforestation

Progress has been made, but chocolate manufacturers have work to do, says Rob McWilliam, head of Earthworm Foundation


Finnebrogue defies Brexit fears with new EU-sourced bacon

The supplier’s Irish-sourced nitrite-free bacon would offer more choice for consumers, Finnebrogue said


Albert Heijn's work to tackle human rights abuses sets a precedent for UK supers

Albert Heijn in the Netherlands is leading the way with bold initiatives to acknowledge and eradicate human rights abuses in its supply chains, says Rachel Wilshaw, ethical trade manager at Oxfam

Florette polytunnel

Florette owner Agrial snaps up Essex grower Angflor

The buyout became the latest step in the Agrial’s strategy to establish its own growing operations in the UK


Food and farming leaders slam 'disgraceful' tariffs decision

The government today published the long-awaited details of the UK’s new tariff schedule that would apply in the event of a no-deal

liam fox and robert lighthizer one use

Chlorinated chicken: Fox vows ‘no compromise’ on UK food standards

In an exclusive interview with The Grocer, the international trade secretary clarified his position on post-Brexit food standards

balsamic vinegar

‘Fake balsamic vinegar’ scandal as Italy uncovers major fraud case

Investigators believe frausters may have used cheaper grapes to make vinegar that was then passed off as authentic balsamic