Matthew Clark is planning to take the Californian wine market by storm with the launch of an all-encompassing range from the US. The company is making use of the resources of its new parent company Canadaigua to introduce a collection covering all key price points. "The growth of this sector is going to explode," said John Mills, managing director of Matthew Clark's wine division Grants of St James's. Californian wine accounts for 6% of the off-trade wine market and Mills believes this could climb rapidly to 12%. "The sector has been growing by 40% but has been under-represented in the UK and often too expensive. The Americans are now taking exporting to the international wine market seriously. "We want to make a big noise so we haven't gone into it in dribs and drabs because we knew that would not work." Over six months Grants has created five new brands and restricted the Paul Masson range to a red, white and rosé ­ the recently launched twin varietals have not gained significant distribution and have been dropped. The brand has been one of the fastest growing in the sector, largely as a result of the three key styles. The successful introduction of 75cl bottles to the Stowells of Chelsea range has been augmented by two twin varietals, a Ruby Cabernet/ Zinfandel and Chardonnay/ Colombard (rsp £3.99). The next price bracket (£3.99- £4.99) is given to Estate Cellars from Inglenook. These five single varietals will go head to head with the Gallo white label range. The biggest single investment will go behind the Mystic Cliffs wines. In this country they will be supported by a £100,000 budget, much of which will be spent on tastings and sampling. These vintage single varietals will retail at £4.99. Four varietals under the Dunwood name will sell at £5.99-£6.49. The top of the range will be Fransican estates, which Canadaigua bought last year. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon will sell at £9.99. {{DRINKS }}