Approved Food, the online seller of short-dated food and drink, has reported an “overwhelming” response to recent high-profile television appearances.

Founder Dan Cluderay’s appearance on ITV’s Bargain Fever Britain and Loose Women earlier this month, led to record sales that within 24 hours exceeded its entire first month of trading, according to the company.

Approved Food averaged sales of £50,000 a month in its first year of trading. The business exceeded that figure on 4 March following the Bargain Fever Britain appearance.

One of the best sellers after the show was Slim Fast powdered milkshakes at £1.99 a can. Sales leapt from 50 a day to 300.

Maryland twin-pack biscuits soared from normally selling 350 items a day to 3,500 after the show until they sold out.

“We always knew we were developing a very scalable business, and over the last couple of weeks that has really become apparent,” Cluderay said.

Cluderay will appear in a second episode of Bargain Fever Britain on Tuesday [24 March] in which he tries to teach a couple of young people to pitch products like he did when he worked in markets.