Heck Super Slim

Heck enters low-fat sausage market with Super Slim range

28 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

Sausages contain 27g of fat per 100g and went on sale into 500 Sainsbury’s on 28 June

Edible flowers Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's launches edible flowers into fresh herbs fixture

27 Jun 2017 | By Michelle Perrett

The edible floral assortment is grown by local producers in the Vale of Evesham and includes varieties such as tagete marigold and viola

Sainsburys Store LED lighting

Sainsbury's reveals plan to switch all sites to LED lighting

27 Jun 2017 | By Michelle Perrett

Under the supermarket’s Sustainability Plan, greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by more than 3.4% annually


Nisa Retail frees up £120m with refinancing move Subscription

26 Jun 2017 | By Matt Strudwick

Deal comes amid rumours of a multimillion-pound takeover by Sainsbury’s

Tesco coffee fairtrade

Tesco to axe Fairtrade for own label coffee Subscription

23 Jun 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

Move is yet another blow to the Fairtrade Foundation following a similar decision by Sainsbury’s earlier this month

Dave Curness

Dave Curness, Store Manager of the Year Subscription

22 Jun 2017 | By James Halliwell

How many supermarkets do you know with an official Wet Squad? Sainsbury’s Redhill has one

Tesco fish counter

Tesco follows Sainsbury's with hikes to salmon prices

22 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

Tesco this week upped prices by 4% across 40 comparable SKUs

sainsbury's bws aisle

Beer drinkers pay more for big brands but less for craft Subscription

22 Jun 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Shoppers will pay less for craft beer but more for mainstream booze in the mults this summer

sainsbury's bws

Sainsbury's loses out as beer and cider returns to growth Subscription

22 Jun 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Sainsbury’s was the only mult to miss out on the past year’s beer and cider renaissance

OLIO-mockup-Credit-AnnabelStaffPhotography web

Sainsbury's food waste communities sign up to Olio app

22 Jun 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Last year, Sainsbury’s reported positive results from using Olio to cut food waste in Swadlincote…

crussh web

Sainsbury's opens Crussh 'fit food' concession in Pimlico

22 Jun 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

This is the first time Crussh has partnered with another retailer

nisa lorry

City snapshot: Sainsbury’s closes in on Nisa acquisition Subscription

19 Jun 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

Weekend reports have suggested Sainsbury’s has entered into exclusive talks to buy convenience chain Nisa for £130m,

fox web

Sainsbury's faces public backlash over fox killing

16 Jun 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

More than 46,000 people signed a petition to boycott Sainsbury’s after a customer witnessed the shooting of a fox

sainsburys skus down

Sainsbury's accused of starting 'war on brands' at briefing Subscription

16 Jun 2017 | By The Grocer News Team

Worried suppliers contacted The Grocer following a Sainsbury’s trade briefing this week

Natures Balance kangroo burgers web

Sainsbury's kangaroo burger sparks threat of Viva protest Subscription

15 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

Sainsbury’s introduced the limited-edition line of 228g kangaroo burgers in over 500 stores on 7 June

Kefir Biotiful

Bio-tiful launches new kefir smoothie into Sainsbury's Subscription

15 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

The brand now sells more than 60,000 bottles a week, with listings in Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Ocado and Amazon Fresh

SAINSBURY'S craft beer aisle

Sainsbury’s slashes beer and cider offering in range review Subscription

15 Jun 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

Over 70 SKUs from both major brewers and premium brands have been axed

london fire

Grenfell Tower: supermarkets support fire-affected residents

14 Jun 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco is known to have delivered at least one truckload of supplies to help people at the scene

sainsburys bromley online store

Sainsbury's computer failures cause online grocery delays

14 Jun 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Sainsbury’s said only a “small number” of orders needed to be rebooked as a result of the glitch

Real Junk Food Project

Sainsbury's and M&S suspend links with Real Junk Food Project

13 Jun 2017 | By Michelle Perrett

The café chain, which serves surplus stock, is under investigation for redistributing out-of-date food.

co yo salted caramel

Free-from brands boosted by Sainsbury's range review Subscription

09 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

As revealed by The Grocer last week, the retailer has doubled its dairy alternative SKUs

Sainsbury's Fish Counter

Sainsbury's increases salmon prices by 14% as supplies tighten Subscription

08 Jun 2017 | By Beth Gault

Fresh salmon prices have risen by 14% on average across 23 SKUs in Sainsbury’s

fairtrade tea

NGOs attack Sainsbury's over Fairtrade row

02 Jun 2017 | By Kevin White

Group writes to retailer’s CEO Mike Coupe to express dismay at new Sustainability Standards

mike coupe sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s boss Mike Coupe’s pay falls as annual bonus targets are not met Subscription

02 Jun 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

The pay packets of Sainsbury’s senior execs were cut last year after the supermarket paid out no annual bonuses as performance-related targets were not hit.

Sainsburys dairy free fixture

Sainsbury's adds new dairy-free fixture Subscription

01 Jun 2017 | By Daniel Woolfson

The supermarket has also introduced lines from Califa Farms and Plenish

nisa store of the future

Sainsbury's closes in on Nisa but will members say yes? Subscription

23 Jun 2017 | By Adam Leyland

Sainsbury’s is now in a one-horse race to buy Nisa – but could still lose


Sainsbury’s blunderbuss review is also long overdue Subscription

16 Jun 2017 | By Adam Leyland

There’s always been an air of smugness at Sainsbury’s about its ability to charge a slight premium 

sainsburys food dancing

Sainsbury's proves bravest but will its stance win sales? Subscription

15 Jun 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Consumers are most moved by emotional ads that ‘keep it real’


Can Sainsbury's standard prove fairer than Fairtrade? Subscription

02 Jun 2017 | By Kevin White

What is the business case and how will growers be affected?

sainsburys ad dog

Sainsbury's gets even more feelgood with shaggy dog story Video

11 May 2017 | By Mark Dishman

Now spring is here, Sainsbury’s has moved on to the only thing it can think of that’s more joyful than dancing and cooking

argos sainsbury's

It’s been ‘challenging’ – but Sainsbury’s might enjoy a long-term gain Subscription

03 May 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, may be under the cosh at the moment for its falling sales, but its online investment is where things could really start to pay off

Sainsbury's Nine Elms store

Sainsbury's results: what the analysts say Subscription

03 May 2017

Sainsbury’s has reported a 1% drop in profit before tax for the year to 11 March. Here’s how leading City and retail analysts reacted to the news

 one use

The ‘houmousgate’ affair: how secrecy gave the story unwanted mileage Subscription

26 Apr 2017 | By Carina Perkins

By refusing to explain exactly what’s happened, retailers and suppliers have opened the door to hysteria

Sainsbury's Nine Elms store

Sainsbury's results: what the analysts say Subscription

16 Mar 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

  Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store

sainsbury's online

Lessons from this weekend’s ordering meltdown at Sainsbury’s Subscription

06 Mar 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Sainsbury’s handled the chaos well overall - but it could have done with being a bit more proactive

sainsburys face off

Sainsbury's Local Subscription

02 Mar 2017 | By James Halliwell

Larger than your average c-store and no worse off because of it, this store was light and airy


The shock megadeal that I just can’t see happening Subscription

31 Jan 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

One is big in the north, the other big in the south … but even so, specualtion of a Sainsbury’s-Morrisons merger would really push the envelope

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