The owner of cash and

carry giant Bestway Cash and Carry has vowed to take legal action against any company illegally trading on its name following recent success at the High Court in London.

Bestway Holdings, which owns interests in food wholesale, property, banking and cement production, has obtained a High Court order blocking Bestway Wholesale Limited from using the Bestway name without permission.

It now plans to take legal action against a further 10 companies - at least three of which would be food companies, it said.

"We have witnessed a number of flagrant unauthorised uses of our name over the years and we have decided we must make every possible move to ensure our intellectual property rights are protected to the highest level," said legal director Dawood Pervez.

"We have recently successfully taken legal steps against a number of companies who have attempted to use our name.

"We are anxious to ensure the marketplace is aware we will not hesitate to continue to take legal action in the courts against them to protect our rights."

Bestway, the second largest cash and carry operator in the United Kingdom with 50 depots across England, Scotland and Wales and a turnover of £1.7bn, said that each case of the misuse of the Bestway name was subject to separate legal proceedings.