How did you make the transition into marketing for a career?

My first job was in an advertising agency working with businesses like Panasonic, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and P&O.

I thoroughly enjoyed working in a creative environment with ideas, brands and consumers to create sustainable business.

I recognised that advertising was only part of the story and so made the transition to client-side marketing with Rowntrees where I had great fun working with Kit Kat, Smarties, Polo and Quality Street among others.

Next came Nestlé Food where I worked on Findus and Crosse & Blackwell.

Latterly I worked at PZ Cussons as UK marketing director, board director for purchasing, warehousing and distribution and international marketing director.

What drew you to marketing?

Brand marketing attracted me because of the opportunity it offers to have a significant impact on business success and on future growth strategies. I enjoy setting goals, leading teams through the intangible aspects of marketing and converting these into commercial reality.

What major campaigns were you involved in at Cussons?

Recent high profile campaigns included the rejuvenation programme for Imperial Leather, featuring the Disco Inferno dancing duck commercial for Foamburst, and the sponsorship of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

How does your current role compare with your work for Cussons?

The disciplines in marketing consumer brands in fmcg categories are transferable, and there are similar challenges regardless of category. I am responsible for the company’s £330m portfolio of tea, beverages, spreads and desserts. The pace is faster in food so we must be relentless in our search for smarter ways to keep delivering.