• There were 833 million grape consumption occasions
    last year. This is up 12% on the previous year

  • In-home snacking accounts for a quarter of grape consumption

  • Almost a half of grapes are consumed on Monday, Tuesday and WednesdayHealthy profile is pushing up grape consumptionGrapes have an older consumer profile, which may be connected with the view of grapes as a healthy food, a key factor in driving demand for many products.

Children are significant consumers, especially up to the age of 10. Within that group, children between six and 10 years old have increased consumption by 60% against the previous year.

This could be a result of their popularity with parents who pack a lunchbox for their children.Grapes are becoming a healthy option in the lunchbox, especially since they have been packaged in smaller pouches.

Grapes are more likely to be eaten at lunch, as an in-home snack, or in the lunchbox. Lunchbox consumption has increased by 43%.

Grapes are eaten more at the start of the week. Almost a half of grapes are consumed from Monday to Wednesday, while their consumption on a Monday has risen by 23% year-on-year. Health is a key driver at the start of the week and enjoyment is an overriding factor at the end of the week.

Half of all grapes are consumed with a cold drink, 26% are consumed with sandwiches and 17% with biscuits. These occasions also tie-in with lunchtime and lunchbox meals.

Laura Wilson, TNS
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