Source: Tipl

The 250ml cans are available in Spicy Margarita, Espresso Martini and Mojito

Dike & Son is debuting non-alcoholic cocktail can brand Tipl, which was created by the daughter of high-profile indie retailer Jonathan James.

Adam Vincent, company director for the Nisa Extra branded store in Stalbridge, has family ties with James, having worked with him over 20 years ago.

Vincent had helped to open and merchandise three of James’ former Budgens stores in 2002, when he worked for the symbol group’s wholesale team, before becoming a retailer in 2007. This is when he first met James’ daughter Emily.

“I was lucky enough to work at one of Jonathan’s stores in my early career when I was working for Budgens when Emily was a baby,” said Vincent. “So to be the first retailer to try it and stock it is great from my perspective.

“We tasted it with a number of staff and it’s absolutely delicious. We expect our customers will love them and are excited to see how the cans perform.

“We are so excited to be part of something that has huge potential and is very much on trend. People are fed up of hangovers and losing the next day to the night before but still want to feel very much part of the party: out with boring orange and lemonade and in with the mocktails.

“Congratulations to Emily for seeing an opportunity and grabbing on to it.”

The 250ml cans are priced at £2.89 and are available in three flavours: Spicy Margarita, Espresso Martini and Mojito. They are vegan, use natural ingredients, and are boosted with vitamins and nootropics including vitamin C and L-theanine.

“I noticed an opportunity in the market whilst I was out with some of my friends,” said Tipl founder Emily James. “There just wasn’t anything deliciously different on the menu that didn’t have alcohol in it. There is an opportunity to make the drinks fixture easier to shop for those living a sober life.”