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Source: Henderson Technology

Over 220 convenience and forecourt stores have now adopted Henderson’s ESL solution

Henderson Technology has installed its one millionth electronic shelf label (ESL), hitting the milestone with independent retailer Filco Supermarkets.

The company, which uses its EdgePoS system to integrate ESLs, has been working on a rollout programme since 2019, when it installed the first one at Smyths Eurospar in Ballymoney.

Over 220 convenience and forecourt stores have now adopted Henderson’s ESL solution, providing shoppers with real-time pricing updates, promotions and advertisements.

Benefits to retailers included saving staff hours to manually price-change each shelf label, which also helped to ensure stores stayed compliant, Henderson said. 

In addition, ESLs can boost sustainability credentials by replacing paper labels with digital displays, allowing retailers to reduce paper waste and promote environmental-friendly practices, it added.

“ESLs are the first step in digitising the in-store shopping experience,” said Henderson Technology retail technology operations director Darren Nickels.

“This cutting-edge technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the shopping experience for shoppers. ESLs are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of retail. It allows stores to innovate and adapt to changing consumer needs, whilst at the same time provides customers with a seamless shopping experience.

“From 2024 we are extending our digital offer to supply digital screens and create digital content for stores. We already manage 600 screens, and we will be extending this out to also include Barista Bar retail customers. The benefit of tying on-shelf and digital screen messaging together allows stores to communicate their offers more accurately.”

Filco Supermarkets director Matthew Hunt, who operates nine stores across south Wales, added: “Installing ESLs from EdgePoS has been a real positive influence in our stores. It has been so well-received by all our staff that it’s opened the door for us to embrace additional retail technology.

“Staff are very happy with their ease of use – making their jobs easier, saving them time and ultimately make the store operationally more efficient. Dynamic pricing gives us the opportunity to set up a flexible pricing strategy for certain products at particular times of day. We are excited to see what the future in retail technology holds.”