Source: Amrit Singh

Singh has taken orders from over 300 independent wholesalers internationally so far

Nisa retailer Amrit Singh has launched an exporting business to get US NPD and viral TikTok products from China to other international markets, including Germany, Ecuador, Israel and Dubai.

Since the business – which is an extension of his family-run H & Jodie’s convenience brand – kicked off in April, Singh has taken orders from over 300 independent wholesalers internationally for products he has sourced with US and China suppliers – some of which he works with exclusively.

The products, including confectionery, snacks, toys, and accessories, are being imported to his new 5,000 sq ft warehouse in Walsall – located three miles from his convenience store – which he bought earlier this year to accommodate the operation.

“We’re trying to get all the products that are viral, from electric water guns to Croc lights, rather than just food NPD, to ensure we’re at the heart of all current crazes,” said Singh.

A team of pickers then manages orders from the warehouse, while a third-party freight company carries out the shipping. Singh can also organise deliveries directly from the supplier to the wholesaler.

With the help of a newly appointed staff member who manages marketing, social media and online sales growth, Singh has launched international marketing campaigns via Google adverts and other social media outlets to bring in leads from foreign businesses to his online ordering website.

He originally launched the ordering platform for a UK wholesaling trial in February, which aimed to give other retailers across the country access to exclusive products and NPD from the US – including Jolly Rancher hard candy, Van Holten’s pickles, and Nitro Pepsi draft cola.

The complexities around ensuring each imported product was compliant to UK standards was becoming ”a headache”, however, he said.

“American NPD in the UK is really difficult because of restrictions around colourings, labelling, additives, and ingredients. You can work with your local council to get certain products approved, but it just turns into a legal nightmare,” said Singh.

“It’s better to work with countries that aren’t as restrictive and want the products for their consumers as it gives us more freedom in purchasing and means we’re always number one for global NPD.”

UK retailers and consumers are still able to order from his website, given it only stocks UK-approved goods. However, the site now also acts as a “focal point” for engagement with international businesses, as a way of highlighting what on-trend products Singh can obtain and stocks in his own store. 

“Via HJodies.com, we can reach the world, and the world can reach us,” he added. “We can direct them to the site, and then pick up the leads from there.”