coca cola

Like you, I had been convinced that eating and drinking too much sugary stuff would make me fat. But scientists at Bath University have revealed there is “more work to be done” to confirm that, and instead think too much time in front of the TV or on the iPhone, being a bit lazy, and lack of sleep make us gain weight.

I have long suspected that when I wake up feeling fat it’s got nothing to do with the empty buckets of KFC, the empty tubs of Häagen-Dazs or the empty bottles of wine, but the ‘sleep’ bit afterwards. Now this is confirmed, I’m going to eat more and have a lie in.

However, quite a few other scientists appeared on Dispatches: Secrets of Coca-Cola (Channel 4, 27 March, 8pm) to point out that the Bath scientists were guided and funded by Coca-Cola, which compromised their findings. It also revealed leaked strategic plans and emails, which it said showed that Coca-Cola planned to fight the sugar tax.

The revelation that Coca-Cola is less than thrilled about the sugar tax is the least surprising news since it emerged that eating and drinking too much sugary stuff will make me fat.

Besides, Coca-Cola has never been anything other than upfront about the fact it does not support the sugar tax - and that it doesn’t believe it will be an effective weapon in the fight against obesity in the UK, which it won’t. It will just put 8p on a can of Coke rather than effect long-term behavioural change. And if Coke lovers do want an unscientific solution to keep enjoying it, just drink Diet Coke, Coke Life, or Coke Zero. It’s not a secret.