WeightWatchers will be pleased. Poster boy Gregg ‘no one eats more cake than me’ Wallace is looking much less wobbly (MasterChef, 9pm, BBC1, 26 March). Even John Torode had some colour in his cheeks for the first episode of the 10th series of the show.

But what shape will they be in at the end of the next 23 episodes (23!), which stretch before them like a prolonged binge until the next Tommi Miers is named.

One thing is for sure: the longer Robert - with his instant mash & porcini ravioli or rabbit liver on pommes purée - stays in the running, the wobblier Wallace is going to get.

And that colour will be gone from Torode’s cheeks if anyone ‘deconstructs’ another culinary classic this series. He went as grey as Rob’s aubergine done three ways - “All not very nice” - when presented with his deconstructed Beef Wellington.

That Rob was given the boot first -muttering “normally people are quite polite” - had a certain inevitability. He was cannon fodder. But, thankfully, the rest of the hopefuls’ fates were far less predictable.

James showed promise but fluffed up his meatballs; Kristyn did a nice stuffed pork loin but was ultimately forgettable; and while Wallace practically wet himself over Sumera’s polenta cake, her curry didn’t quite cut it.

So it was the precocious Holly - she who was stuffing vine leaves in Home Ec while her classmates were making cupcakes, apparently - and cocksure Robert who made it to the quarter-final.

WeightWatchers is going to need a bigger poster…