The Dairystix single-portion milk brand is poised for a comeback - with 20% more milk in its pouches.

The brand disappeared from the market last year, after its previous owner, dairy processor Quadra Foods, went into administration in February.

It is set for relaunch in the next few weeks, with an initial focus on supplying customers in the transport and transit industry such as airlines.

It would later open up distribution to “whoever wants to buy it,” said John Taylerson, a partner at new owner Guiston.

The relaunched pouches will contain 12ml instead of 10ml of milk, after Guiston found it could fit more milk into the existing pouch size.

New on-pack messaging will also highlight that the pouches have up to 50% less packaging than milk in plastic pots, with which Dairystix competes. A new website, which goes live in the next few weeks, will promote the relaunch.

Taylerson would not be drawn on its sales forecasts for the brand, claiming its target market was a difficult one to define in terms of value. However, he said “the opportunity is massive” because of the “global reach” of the brand through its use by the transport and transit industries.

He added that Guiston would avoid the problems that Quadra had faced, because it was solely focused on UHT manufacture of Dairystix and, unlike Quadra, did not deal in cream trading or milk brokerage.

Since Dairystix had exited the market, Guiston had received a lot of interest from companies and members of the public, including camping and caravanning fans, about its return, said Taylerson.

Guiston bought the Dairystix milk processing assets last year, while Plympack bought the IP, plant and production machinery. Both companies are backed by Brightborough Capital.