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Source: Freshways

The dairy supplier has implemented a carbon emissions baseline for its farmers and new business standards

Freshways has launched a sustainability scheme for farmers and a plan for its business operations.

The dairy supplier has implemented a carbon emissions baseline for its farmers and is providing them with support to address key areas to achieve carbon reduction.

This plan aligns with industry-specific key standards to effectively measure, manage and report on environmental, social and governance issues.

Freshways has also devised a new plan to reduce emissions and set Science Based Targets Initiative goals to achieve its sustainability ambitions. These include adopting innovative technologies, optimising production processes, using carbon neutral carton packaging, and implementing energy-efficient practices.

The company said it “aims to make significant contributions to mitigating climate change and achieving a more sustainable future”.

It is targeting achieving 30%-35% recycled material for packaging and 70% recyclability with carbon neutral cartons by the end of 2026.

By 2030 it aims to have increased renewable energy use for decarbonisation and have a 50% reduction in water use per tonne in production.

It has also introduced new policies in animal health and welfare to ensure Freshways operates responsibly with the wellbeing of animals at the centre of its operations.

“We firmly believe in the ethical treatment of animals and are committed to mapping suppliers through supplier assessment in our supply chain,” it said.

Freshways has announced plans to conduct a stakeholder engagement materiality assessment in the next quarter, which will enable the company to identify and map materiality risks associated with the dairy industry and its business.