arla jord

Source: Arla

Arla Foods has announced that plant-based milk brand Jörđ will be relaunched as Arla Jörđ.

The plant-based brand will become an official Arla sub-brand this month and will see packaging updated to feature the Arla name.

The relaunch will create consistency with other Arla products including Arla Cravendale and Arla Lactofree.

The product recipe has also been altered so it is now fortified with vitamins D and B9, as well as being a source of fibre.

“The reception amongst our research groups has been positive, as the relaunch strengthens the Arla brand in the eyes of shoppers and builds further trust in Jörđ,” said Stuart Ibberson, Arla brand & sustainability director.

Dairy will always be at the heart of our co-operative business, but we are continuing to give shoppers the opportunity to make their plant-based choices within the Arla brand.”

The UK relaunch of Arla Jörđ will be supported with a marketing campaign over the coming weeks, with new packs in store and an updated website, from 18 March.

“Last year, we launched our first-ever masterbrand TV advert as part of a strategic push, helping consumers connect Arla with its sub-brands,” said Ibberson. “It’s our ambition to continue to build momentum behind the Arla brand and we are excited to be officially bringing Jörđ into the Arla family.”