Heinz Tomato Ketchup is back on TV this weekend with the first of two bursts of new ads boasting You can't eat without it'. Heinz's general manager, sauces, Steven Turner, said the new theme, which represented a switch in strategy, targeted primary shoppers more directly. The brand's previous quirky Faster than marmalade and rocks' ads were aimed at teenagers as part of the brand's global relaunch in 1999. In the first of the new ads, Grandad produces ketchup when a young lad won't eat either his breakfast or lunch. Grandad comes to the rescue again when the boy also refuses to kiss Granny goodbye. The other shows an Antarctic rescue team puzzled to find people starving but surrounded by food at a research station. An empty bottle of the Heinz Ketchup reveals why. "The new campaign will build the emotional connection with the consumer and the brand's personality," said Turner. Meanwhile, Heinz is set to launch upside down' ketchup bottles in the US. {{P&P }}