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    Smirnoff goes undercover in Russia


    Diageo is pumping £3m into marketing Smirnoff vodka in a bid to set it apart from rival brands. Marking a return to the vodka’s Russian heritage, the campaign, entitled ‘Not the Usual’, kicked off this week with a new TV ad shot in...

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    smirnoff rival


    >>A monthly look at the most promising newcomers in key grocery categories. this month: frozen foodn Whyte and Mackay is relaunching Vladivar Vodka in a bid to challenge Diageo’s mighty...

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    Smirnoff Ice takes to can format


    Rosie Davenport Diageo is expanding Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Ice Black into cans in a direct attack on its brewing rivals. The ready-to-drink (RTD) brand will be launched in a 300ml format in June to complement the current bottled range....

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    Big screen for Smirnoff


    Diageo has outlined its determination to keep building the Smirnoff brand with a new cinema commercial for the vodka. Part of a £7m marketing spend for the spirit, details of the ad come three weeks after Diageo pledged to spend £11m promoting...

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    Smirnoff Black Ice states its Crystal Clear difference


    Smirnoff Black Ice has made its first TV appearance with two new ads running until Christmas. The drive, part of a £11m launch budget behind the brand, also includes an outdoor poster campaign, national bus advertising, and branded taxis in...

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    Smirnoff Ice hits TV


    Smirnoff Ice is back on TV with a new ad in the As clear as your conscience' campaign. The execution is part of a £14m investment for the brand over the coming year and features a girl nagging her boyfriend to redecorate their front room, when...

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    Smirnoff kicks off new ads


    Employees' fantasies of cutting their boss down to size are the central theme of the latest Smirnoff ad. The latest in the If Smirnoff made­' series goes on air tonight (Saturday) during The Premiership with Des Lynam. It shows what might happen...

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    If Smirnoff made pet food'


    "At a party, a crowd is gathered round a Weimaraner dog raconteur. He tells amusing stories, plays the piano and sings. The ad closes on the Smirnoff logo and the slogan: If Smirnoff made pet food.' It's a great ad, capturing the whole essence of...

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    Smirnoff tv ads imagine extending brand effect to other prod


    The fantasy world of drinks advertising has taken another step further with the latest £7m campaign for Smirnoff vodka. This features the new tag line for the brand If Smirnoff made­' and the first TV ad suggests what could happen if the brand was...

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    Smirnoff boss goes to AD


    Smirnoff president Kim Manley has been lured to Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine to take up the board position of chief marketing officer. Manley had been with Smirnoff since January 1998. Previously he was marketing director of UDV Australia for three...