Winner: Hellmann’s

As household budgets tightened, Hellmann’s aimed to tackle shopper concerns head-on with the latest iteration of its ‘Cook Clever, Waste Less’ campaign.

Together with Wrap, the brand commissioned research that laid bare the financial impact of food waste. It cost UK families around £780 a year, the survey found, and 37% of respondents were unsure where to find helpful information on reducing waste.

In response, Hellmann’s embarked on a multichannel push that aimed to make money-saving tips and recipes accessible to all. It launched a ‘Use-up day’ campaign with Tesco in April 2022, encouraging shoppers to use up leftovers in a weekly meal. That was followed by the October launch of its Fridge Night app, which offered consumers four weeks of free recipe content.

According to Hellmann’s, users of the app have saved 10 tonnes of food waste to date.

“Hellmann’s approach to food waste is right on message for one of the big challenges we face,” said one judge.

Meanwhile, the brand’s NPD efforts have focused on offering shoppers versatility.

Hellmann’s launched a trio of flavoured mayonnaises – Gravy, Coronation and Chilli Charger – in March 2022 to help shoppers customise their meals.

In the same month, it relaunched its range of dressings and dips, updating their packaging to communicate their versatility.


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