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Focus On: Energy Products by Alice Leader 

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Publishing: 12 June 2021

Advertising deadline: 28 May

Submissions deadline: 21 May

The Story

Last year, the UK’s brands sold 9.9 million fewer litres as lockdowns meant an end to crucial on-the-go sales and sampling campaigns. And yet, some leading brands still managed to add value. Who are they and how did they do it? How hard were other brands hit? And how do they plan to return to growth as the latest lockdown eases?

Key themes

On-the-go recovery: How are brands gearing up for the on-the-go sector picking up pace again as restrictions ease and people return to workplaces? What are brands doing to inject life back into the sector across travel and impulse channels?

Formats: During the pandemic, leading brands pushed larger packs for at-home consumption. How successful were they? What will brands’ formats strategy be now as workers return to the office and hospitality reopens?

Marketing: Last summer, Monster partnered with Halo Infinite game for a successful on-pack campaign. What other marketing activity is proving successful in lifting energy drinks’ profile?

Innovation: What’s the secret of successful NPD? Is it fancy flavours? More caffeine? Functional ingredients? Who’s been doing what?

Innovations: We identify four new energy drinks or product ranges that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date, rsp, stockists and a hi-res picture of each.

The ‘anti-energy’ drink: Not everyone wants a fatigue-blasting hit. PepsiCo’s latest innovation in the US is a functional water called Driftwell, designed to help people unwind at night and sleep better. Other brands such as have also rolled out drinks that calm and soothe. With stress levels among Brits dangerously high, could the sector be about to come into its own?

Feature #2 by Megan Tatum 

Publishing: 12 June 2021

Advertising deadline: 28 May

Submissions deadline: 21 May

The Story

The energy drinks category is awash with NPD. What weird and wonderful flavours and formulations are emerging beyond the traditional? Which ones are most on-trend? What benefits are they touting and how are they resonating with shoppers?

Key Themes

Flavour innovation: From fruit and berries to the downright weird and wonderful. What flavours are on-trend in the energy drinks market and how are brands using them to cash in?

Nootropics: There’s more to energy drinks than a high caffeine content. Nootropics are finding their way in, to satisfy Brits’ demand for more wide-ranging benefits from cognitive-enhancing substances that claim to improve memory and creativity. How are energy drinks brands using nootropics or what’s next?

Occasions: Brands are extending their reach across new audiences and demographics and tapping into new occasions throughout the day. How are new formulations and flavours being used to cash in on new occasions and grow customer bases?