pedigree dog

By Vince Bamford

Publishing: 24 September 2022
Advertising deadline: 12 September 2022
Submissions deadline: 9 September 2022

Petcare sales are being propped up by price. Over the past year, value has risen as volumes have fallen. That’s partly down to rising prices of everyday items – prices of big brands have recently soared in the mults – and partly down to shoppers buying more premium fare. Sales of treats, for example, continue to grow ahead of the market. So as the cost of living crisis mounts, how will this change petfood buying habits? Will consumers migrate to more everyday formats and brands? Will treats continue to perform well? And how will this change the dynamics between in-store and DTC sales?

Brands: To what extent are brands putting up prices? Which ones are more likely to see a rise in sales in the cost of living crisis? Are everyday brands likely to pick up customers? How will the premium end of the market fare?

Private label: This has been a growth area for the market over the past year. Will this continue? And which private labels are performing best?

Promotions: The amount of promotions in petcare has fallen by half over the past five years, according to Kantar. Will this continue? Or will promotions prove an increasingly popular way to attract cost-conscious consumers?

Formats: Treats have been a fast-growing area of the market. To what extent will this continue as shoppers tighten their belts? And will there be any migration between wet/dry food formats?

Channels: An increasing volume of petfood sales are online. Some consumers are taking out premium subscriptions tailored to their pets. To what extent will this habit continue? Or will we see more shoppers going into stores in search of value?

Sustainable petfood: Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of innovation. Who is launching sustainable NPD and what benefits are these brands touting?