This week’s promotional activity remained at a similar level to last week’s, with a massive 1,546 lines on offer.

This was dominated by the top three categories, which all boasted more than 100 lines, with 3rd-place spirits having more than twice as many deals as 4th-place toiletries.

Confectionery held on to the top spot for the third week running, but the category to watch was definitely spirits. Last week there were 50 spirits offers in supermarkets’ featured space, but this week that had more than doubled to 108.

At first glance, discounts don’t seem particularly steep, averaging at just 20%, with no discounts of 50% or more. But this 20% discount looks more generous given excise duty makes up an average of £5.60 of the retail price of spirits.

Classic winter warmer Baileys topped the spirits list, with 13 of the 108 promotions, while Sainsbury's was the retailer with the most spirits deals on offer.

Buying all 108 bottles of spirits would cost you £1,731.59, a saving of £431.36 on the £2,162.95 rsp.

Asda’s 3-for-£10 wine deal was this week’s best deal, offering a 52.3% saving on the £20.94 rsp.

Outside the alcohol category, the biggest cash saving came from the oral care category, where a £25.00 saving could be picked up at Waitrose on the half-price Oral B Professional Care 8000.

Asda had the most offers in the top 50 this week, with 11, while Tesco had the biggest total saving of £34.07. Buying all of the top 50 offers would cost £201.60, 46.6% less than the rsp of £366.68.