Sainsbury's c-store

Sainsbury’s is phasing out all multi-buy promotions by the summer as it continues to move to an Everyday Low Pricing model.

The retailer said today that it would remove the deals from across its entire grocery business by August as it looks to make it easier for customers to find better value with lower regular prices.

It has already cut back more than 50% of its multi-buy deals since March last year and that customers had responded well to the move. Key categories in which this activity has already taken place include dairy, canned and packaged goods, meat, fish and poultry.

“Customer shopping habits have changed significantly in recent years, with people shopping more frequently – often seeking to buy what they need at that moment in time,” said Sainsbury’s food commercial director Paul Mills-Hicks.

“By replacing multi-buy promotions with lower regular prices, we are making it easier for customers to buy the products they need, in the quantities they need, without having to buy multiple items to enjoy great value. Since we started simplifying our pricing approach we’ve seen a much greater variety of products in our customers’ baskets, signalling that they like the flexibility to make their own choices.”

Sainsbury’s marketing director Sarah Warby added: “”Careful management of household budgets, a growing awareness of the cost of food waste and more health-conscious living has driven a trend away from multiple product purchasing towards more single item purchasing.”

“We have listened to our customers who have told us that multi-buy promotions don’t meet their shopping needs today, are often confusing and create logistical challenges at home in terms of storage and waste. The commitment we are announcing today will make it easier for customers to shop for the products they love, when and how they choose, safe in the knowledge that they are getting the best value for money all of the time.”

Sainsbury’s claimed the move was also part of its commitment to give its customers healthier choices as it extends across its full range of branded and own-brand soft drinks, confectionery, biscuits and crisps.

“We need to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and it is good to see a leading supermarket like Sainsbury’s responding as customers become more health conscious,” said public health minister Jane Ellison.

“As part of our Childhood Obesity Strategy we will be looking at more ways in which we can support people to live healthier lives.”