ubamarket allergy app shopper

Ubamarket, the scan-as-you-go app that can enable checkout-free grocery shopping, is introducing an allergen alerts feature.

The new module is designed to bring the small print on food labels to life so that UK consumers are informed and knowledgeable about the food they select.

Shoppers will be able to scan items using the Ubamarket app and receive an alert for any allergens, and whether the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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The Ubamarket app, which debuted across Warner’s Budgens estate last autumn, enables users to enter their shopping list and will rearrange it into the order items are displayed in the store.

The launch of the allergen feature came after Ubamarket commissioned nationally representative research to find out the nation’s attitudes towards food labels.

It found that almost 52% of shoppers find the labels impossible to read and 39% do not feel they know enough about the ingredients in the food they eat.

“Food labels in their current form are not serving their purpose. If 23 million British shoppers claim they are impossible to read, supermarkets, suppliers and regulators should make commitments to reform food labelling standards,” said Ubamarket founder and chief executive Will Broome.

“Our new allergy alerts feature will make it easier for consumers to identify the foods that comply with their dietary requirements and lifestyle choices.”