A liqueur that made its UK debut in Brighton is set for full national roll-out since joining the Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands portfolio.

Niche Italian liqueur Tuaca is hand-crafted from ten-year-old cognac married with five-year-old cask-aged Italian brandy, citrus fruits, vanilla and other natural ingredients.

Tuaca was first brought into the UK ten years ago by distributor Danes, set up by Sammy Berry and Paul Jenson, who watched it grow in popularity through bars in Brighton.

Jenson said its popularity stemmed from the liqueur's versatility because it could be drunk in a variety of different ways. He said: "It's unique as it can be enjoyed after dinner, in cocktails, coffees or as a shooter."

BBFB acquired distribution and sales activity for the brand this month, with plans for a national roll-out at the end of the year.

Director of trade marketing Bruce Ray said: "Danes has done an incredible job for Tuaca in the UK already. It has built a strong base for Tuaca, giving us excellent foundations to grow distribution and volume."

Jenson and Berry will continue to be brand ambassadors for Tuaca, which already has listings at some Threshers and independent off licences.