Cocio drink

Arla is launching Cocio in the UK

Arla is aiming for a larger slice of the UK milk drinks market by launching its Danish chocolate milk brand Cocio.

Cocio – which Arla says will be pronounced ‘coke-e-o’ in the UK – is a blend of fresh milk, cocoa (certified by sustainable farming body UTZ), and sugar. It comes in Classic (using 2% fat milk) and One (1%) formats.

In Denmark, Cocio has a 20.3% market share of flavoured milk drinks by value [Nielsen MAT 26 January 2014].

Arla claims it will fill a gap in the UK for a lighter and more refreshing flavoured milk drink. It will be aimed at 20- to 25-year-old consumers.

Most milk drinks in the category at present were “too indulgent” or “too childish” so were not suitable for everyday enjoyment, said Gareth Turner, senior brand manager for dairy drinks at Arla. “Cocio has a fantastic heritage in Denmark as a premium chocolate milk drink ideal for adults, due to its great taste and quality ingredients.”

It would compete against other milk drinks but Arla also saw an opportunity for consumers to buy it in place of soft drinks and other snacks outside dairy, added Sara Robinson, brand manager for Cocio.

Cocio is sold in a 270ml glass bottle and because it contains nothing to stabilise it, ingredients settle on the bottom. However, in Denmark, shaking the bottle to mix the ingredients before drinking had developed into “a really nice part of the product story”, said Robinson.

Arla had chosen to keep the glass bottle for the UK because it was integral to the manufacturing process, which involved adding the ingredients to the bottle and then warming it to create a caramelised flavour, she added.

Research had indicated that consumers perceived the glass bottle to be premium, which added to their expectations of the product’s taste credentials “as a perfectly served chilled drink”, said a Cocio spokesman.

Arla is targeting the convenience channel through the mults and the product will be available from the end of March (rsp: £1.39). The UK launch will be supported by a £2m spend skewed towards social media, digital and online.

In Denmark, up to 400,000 bottles are filled each day. Cocio is also exported to Northern Germany, Norway and Iceland.