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Boundless offers a four-strong range of nuts & seeds and two newer chips variants

Boundless Activated Snacking has secured a six-figure investment to maintain rapid growth at the gut health snacking brand.

Ben Jones, co-founder of DTC businesses Graze and Tails, also joined the Boundless board as director and investor following the raise.

The £650,000 investment – raised from private firms and angels – will be put towards NPD and growing brand awareness. It is the third round of funding for the business, following a £1m raise in 2020 to expand overseas.

Founded by former commodities trader Cathy Moseley in 2017, Boundless makes a range of ‘activated’ nuts & seeds and chips designed to improve gut health.

The business uses a trademarked F.A.B method (flood, activate, bake), which involves the natural ingredients being flooded in salt water to kick-start germination followed by the activation stage to draw out the bitter phytic acid in nuts, seeds or grains before being baked at a low temperature to retain nutrients and make the end product easier to digest.

The four-strong range of nuts & seeds and the two newer chips variants are available in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Amazon, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, WH Smith travel stores, Selfridges and almost 2000 independents nationwide.

The brand is also exports to ten international markets, including Germany, Belgium and countries in the Middle East and Asia.

Moseley said the growing consumer focus on gut health had helped drive a 400% increase in sales this year.

“The business was started in 2017 based on the nation’s gut health – or lack thereof,” she added.

“With one in four of us heading to the doctors with issues relating to digestive health, I wanted to try and help create a better understanding as to how everyone could improve their gut health and overall wellbeing in an affordable and accessible way.

“We make ‘Activated Snacks’ that taste good and do good, taking 100% natural ingredients and making them even better, to leave you and your gut feeling good.”

New company director Ben Jones said he was “excited” to help Boundless in its next stage of growth.

Moseley said: “It’s just the beginning for Boundless, but to have a founder of such a well-known household snacking brand join the Boundless family shows exactly what we’re here to do and just how much we’re on to something.”