Galaxy is promising to open up a new sector in the everyday block chocolate category with the launch of Promises, an everyday luxury chocolate.
Promises - which comes in four flavours: Roast Hazelnut, Caramel Crunch, Cocoa Crisp and Rich Coffee - is a combination of standard Galaxy milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It is aimed at everyday chocolate lovers looking for something a little more special. The bars come in 100g with an rsp of 99p to reflect their premium positioning.
Jen Gershon, Galaxy brand manager, said Promises would be the first block chocolate bar to successfully bridge the gap between everyday and luxury. She said she hoped it would
follow in the footsteps of Walkers Sensations, which successfully created a premium everyday offering in the crisps category.
“Walkers Sensations bridged the gap between everyday and luxury and we see Galaxy Promises delivering the same thing within the block chocolate market. The brand sits as a sub-sector of everyday - it targets consumers of everyday chocolate to get them to trade up and it will also bring in new consumers to the category.”
She added that Promises was not seeking to compete with top-end premium brands, such as Lindt and Green & Black’s.
Nestlé took a similar approach back in 2002 when it launched its premium bar Double Cream. However, the brand failed to impress buyers, resulting in a high-profile relaunch last year.
Gershon said Promises would succeed by being closely tied to the Galaxy brand. It goes into grocery channels in mid-August and into independents in September and is being supported by a £4m campaign, including TV advertising and sampling with more than 2.5 million consumers.
The friendly Green Giant makes his usual cameo appearance in the latest TV ad from General Mills, to be launched on June 27. The ad, called Sun, promotes Green Giant Salad Crisp sweetcorn as a summer salad ingredient. It opens with a shot of the sun; then a hand grabs it from the sky and it turns into a can of sweetcorn. The hand - of a woman enjoying a picnic with a friend - then adds the corn to a salad.
Stefan Chomka