Gerber Foods, best known for its Ocean Spray and Libby's brands, has unveiled the brand image of the UK's first Fairtrade fruit juice. Packaging for the Fruit Passion brand features colourful images of real Cuban farmers. The three different products in the range ­ Pure Breakfast, Pure Orange and Pure Tropical ­ contain 75% orange juice from Cuba. Rsp: £1.09 for 1 litre. Even though Fruit Passion is essentially connected with good causes, senior brand manager Alli Lucy said the aim is to make the product mainstream rather than a "niche and worthy" charity case. "It is really important that Fruit Passion becomes a mainstream product as this will ensure Fairtrade becomes a permanent way of buying and selling." She added that the extra funds go to the National Organisation of Small Farmers in Cuba rather than into the pockets of the Communist government. Products carrying the Fairtrade mark guarantee a fair price to developing country growers. Current Fairtrade prices are 50% above market price. Other Fairtrade products on the market include Cafédirect and the Dubble chocolate bar from The Day Chocolate Company. {{MARKETING - P&P }}