(an advertising supplement) Green & Black's 2 Valentine Place London SE1 8QH Tel: 0207 633 5900 Website: www.greenandblacks.com Key personnel Sales Director Neil Turpin Key Brands Green & Black's Organic Chocolate: Dark Chocolate 100g & 20g Milk Chocolate 100g & 20g Maya Gold Chocolate 100g & 20g Mint Chocolate 100g Hazelnut & Currant 100g White Chocolate 100g & 20g Cooking chocolate 150g Green & Black's Kids Range: Organic Chocolate Kinkajou Bars Organic White Chocolate Buttons Green & Black's Ice Cream: Chocolate Ice Cream 500ml & 100ml Vanilla Ice Cream 500ml & 100ml Dark Toffee Ice Cream 500ml White Chocolate Ice Cream 500ml Green & Black's Hot Drinks: Hot Chocolate Cocoa Powder Green & Black's Gift Range: Organic Chocolate Coated Almonds Organic Truffles Organic Carre Gift pack Organic Luxury Assortment Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Ethics and excellence When it comes to intensively farmed crops, cocoa comes second only to cotton as the most sprayed agricultural product in the world. It also frequently results in extensive deforestation, so the case for chocolate made from organic beans is a compelling one ­ and it's a message not lost on the UK's ethical shopper. Despite a highly competitive British chocolate market, organic products have shown exceptional growth. Now estimated to be worth around £12 million at the till, the brands are led by Green & Black's, which is valued at an impressive £8 million and growing fast at 70% per annum. According to the company, buying patterns not only show that consumers are placing importance on the organic philosophy, but that they also want luxury and quality as part of the offer. All of the cocoa used in Green & Black's chocolate is grown in the rainforests of Central America, using farming practices which protect the indigenous plants and species. Free of pesticide residues and genetically modified ingredients, they are certified organic by the Soil Association. A dark stranger An interesting added dynamic in the organic chocolate market is the European taste for chocolate with a higher cocoa content. Green & Black's Dark Chocolate has a 70% cocoa content, giving a bitter, real chocolate taste, while the Milk variety is also a high 34%, allowing the full flavour of carefully roasted beans to come through. Green & Black's says consumer education is critical to its product, and so sampling has formed a major part of the company's marketing strategy to date ­ although there are plans to move to an integrated above the line campaign. As demand increases, Green & Black's counter chocolate range has grown to include Dark, Milk, Maya Gold (dark with rainforest spices and orange), Mint, Hazelnut & Currant, and White, available in 100g ­ all bars, except Mint and Hazelnut & Currant are also available in a treat-sized 20g. But it is at the gifting end of the market where it is now concentrating its efforts. New additions include Chocolate Coated Almonds dusted with Cocoa, Truffles, and the Organic Collection ­ boxed chocolates combining dark, white and milk chocolate with traditional ingredients such as caramel, butter and nuts. The company has also added ice cream, cocoa, hot chocolate and chocolate spread to its booming organic chocolate portfolio. Up to the minute details of Green & Black's new product launches can be found on the website, www.greenandblacks.com, which also gives information on the company and a short history of chocolate. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}