Heinz is set to roll out lighter plastic bottles across its sauce range as part of its green drive.

The company switched to plastic PET bottles for its Heinz Tomato Ketchup portfolio in May, in a move it claimed would save 340 tonnes of plastic each year. It is now looking to extend the lighter packaging across its brown sauce, salad cream and mayonnaise products.

“The new PET bottles, which still have a high-quality glass-like clarity, are made to a very efficient design,” said Nigel Dickie, director of corporate and government affairs for Heinz UK & Ireland.

The company is also in the process of lightweighting its cans, which it claims are already “the lightest in the world”, as well as increasing the amount of recycled steel used.

The packaging changes come as Heinz announced nine ‘sustainability goals’ for the UK and Ireland business this week, with a 2011 target date. They include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 25%, as well as a 25% reduction from its transport carbon emissions. It also plans to cut packaging by 7%, while reducing carbon emissions from packaging by 15%.

Other areas it will focus on include sourcing and using more renewable energy, reducing water consumption and waste and issues around landfill, agriculture and personal sustainability for employees.

Dickie said the UK and Ireland would play a key role in helping the company achieve its global vision, which was announced in May this year.