Shoppers who enjoy home-cooked meals but lack the time to prepare them are being targeted by Heinz’s first range of tomato purees to be infused with herbs and spices. The three new Heinz tomato purees are available in garlic, chilli and Mexican spices flavours. The range, available in 125g/130g foil tubes, is being rolled out now, with up to 100,000 packs featuring recipe suggestion stickers.

“The range will appeal to the increasing number of mums who want to cook family meals from scratch during the week and sometimes need a helping hand”, said Lynsey Hurst, Heinz senior brand manager of ingredients. Heinz is also giving its chopped tomatoes, tomato frito, passata and whole peeled tomatoes products a makeover to bring them in line with the new purees range. Tomato puree sales rose 9.7% to £15m in the year to April [TNS].