Salad Project and Deliciously Ella

The Salad Project has partnered with Deliciously Ella to bring a new plant-based menu to its London customers.

Designed in collaboration with plant-based champion Ella Mills, the limited-edition menu features four new salads: Miso-Maple Aubergine Bowl, DE Classic, Super Green Salad, and a Little Plants Bowl as a kids’ offer.

The exclusive menu is part of a mission the two entrepreneurs share “to get people eating real food again”.

“Everything we do at Deliciously Ella is focused on showing the breadth and deliciousness of plants, celebrating how good eating well can taste,” said Mills.

“This partnership really brings that mission to life and I can’t wait for everyone to try our menu at The Salad Project.”

Co-founder of The Salad Project Florian de Chezelles said: “This partnership fits perfectly with our mission to bring a curated and creative experience to eating well.

“We’re excited to work with Ella and the Deliciously Ella team to expand our offerings and bring more plant-powered options to our customers.”

The fast-growing salad restaurant, known for attracting hour-long queues across the city, has recently introduced a new concept called Spaces. The concept, at the Mansion House shop, allows customers to order online and pick up in store from a cubby-hole.

The new menu will be available for a limited time only, from 6 May to 30 June.