Many years ago I was a butcher at JH Dewhurst Master Butchers.

To my disappointment I have since noticed the poor standard of supermarket butcher departments. Often the meat may be in date but looks green and out of date, from lamb, pork and beef to some cooked meats, sausages and bacon. They also have a part of the ‘showcase’ that they put this rubbish in to sell just before it goes out of date. I wouldn’t give it to my dog.

Looks are a lot with butchery and selling meat, and supermarkets need to upgrade their approach. If it looks off, don’t keep it on the counter. Today there aren’t any butchers - or bakers or fishmongers - being trained from start to finish in the trade. Yes, supermarkets have people who do the jobs but they are not trained in the old-fashioned ways.

Today the people who say they are butchers are not - they are cutters only. If you gave them a cow, a pig or sheep to prepare they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Donald Jay, Pendle, Lancashire