Lucozade Energy has been powered up for a £3m campaign featuring a new ‘Move It’ slogan.
The autumn campaign is spearheaded by two TV ads hitting screens now and is being backed up with cinema and poster advertising to introduce the brand’s 18 to 35-year-old audience to the new message.
The animated TV ads feature black and white characters that become energised by bursts of orange energy.
In the main 30-second TV treatment, titled Amoeba, a scientist is seen livening up his dull day in the lab by putting the radio on. The organisms he is studying burst into a lively
dance routine before the end frame features a bottle of Lucozade Energy broadcasting to the world, and the Move It strapline.
Henry Dummer, category planning controller at brand owner GlaxoSmithKline, said: “The new creative has been designed to convey infectious energy. We wanted to deliver a real step change in our approach to advertising and believe this campaign will cut through the clutter.”