Arla Foods is encouraging shoppers to use Lurpak to whip up quick and simple meals in its latest ad, as it kicks off scheduled £13m marketing activity for 2011.

The latest phase in Lurpak's 'Good Food Deserves' campaign includes an ad voiced by actor Rutger Hauer, which debuted in cinemas on Friday.

It features a man who has arrived home from work and who is torn between reaching for a ready meal or preparing something himself. He decides to make an omelette cooked in Lurpak. "The advert highlights that even a simple midweek cooking task can be extraordinary, something to be relished," said an Arla spokesman.

Ads will also appear on TV from 17 January and bags of ingredients will be handed out at major London railway stations. Sales of Lurpak stand at £234.2m, up 2.8% on last year [Nielsen MAT 2 October 2010].