GlaxoSmithKline aims to redefine the toothpaste market by taking its Macleans brand into health and beauty.

The pharmaceuticals giant is adding Detox and Remineralise variants to its toothcleaning portfolio (rsp: £1.99, 100ml) in a bid to persuade female customers in particular to include oral care as an integral part of their personal grooming repertoire. A mouthwash version of the Detox offering (£3.69, 500ml) will roll out at the same time as the fluoride toothpastes when they hit shelves for the first time next month.

The two Detox offerings contain an active antibacterial formulation which the company claims purifies the mouth,
eliminating bacteria that builds up overnight when less saliva is produced. The formulation is combined with concentrated cool peppermint to “cleanse and revive” the mouth.

Remineralise contains an active ingredient which GSK said was scientifically proven to replenish minerals lost when acids, formed from sugar and drink, harm tooth enamel. Daily brushing with the camomile and mint enhanced variant is said to gradually repair microscopic damage and make teeth more resistant to further acid attacks.

Tim Brooks, marketing director for oral care at GSK, said Detox was aimed at morning use while Remineralise should be used at night.

However, he said the company was not planning to force this message on consumers too hard during a £1.2m press advertising campaign which is scheduled to break in September.

“We’re not planning aggressive marketing on how people need to combine all three products according to the different times of the day because that may make some people suspicious of our intentions.”

although ads will contain details of the best times to use each product.”

Simon Mowbray