‘Did somebody say Just Eat?’ Rapper Snoop Dogg surely created one of the year’s wiggliest earworms once Just Eat persuaded him to help it boost its profile to locked down Brits.

Now there’s a festive edition, with Snoop imaginatively rendered as a puppet dog. He welcomes us to his crib with a rap that reminds us delivery is still an option, even at Christmas time. It’s a luxury affair for our canine rhymer, with “gold leaf burgers on the way on a solid gold tray on a solid gold sleigh”, while dough balls, burritos and jerk chicken also get a mention – as do worthy charities FoodCycle and Social Bite.

If you don’t like the original ad, you probably won’t enjoy this victory lap version much, either. But it’s hard to be grumpy about such laid-back fun, especially when there’s a lovable puppet animal involved. Like the great man (well, dog) says: “It’s Christmas, so chow: ho, ho, ho!”