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Deliveroo’s Editions delivery-only kitchens help restaurants launch new ‘virtual brands’ and menus

Deliveroo is helping restaurants launch new brands and menus using its delivery-only kitchens.

Restaurants are using their own staff and chefs and one of the online delivery company’s 80 ‘Editions’ purpose-built kitchens at 11 sites across the UK.

The initiative allows them to offer new types of dishes online for delivery, derived from their high street menus but without altering perception of their existing brand.

They are also using their existing kitchens to produce the dishes for their new ‘virtual restaurant’ brands.

Those involved include Texas Joe’s, a US BBQ-style restaurant in London’s Bermondsey, which now offers a Mexican-style menu branded as Queso Dillo, using Deliveroo’s Whitechapel Editions kitchen.

Others include Moshimo, a Brighton sushi restaurant offering a new Moshimo Vegan brand, and Chicken & Blues of Reading with a new vegetarian brand called Cheeky.

“By creating new brands out of existing kitchens, restaurants can really boost their business and try new ideas without the need for expensive new premises,” said Deliveroo CEO and founder Will Shu.

“At Deliveroo we are using our knowledge, data and insight to help restaurants launch new brands in Deliveroo Editions and from their high street kitchens.

“We work with chefs every step of the way to make virtual restaurants a success from concept to delivery. The end result is great for restaurants and is helping to increase customer choice across the UK.”