Having dipped a toe into the science world with its ‘Gene Project’ push a few years ago, Marmite is now taking us into [checks notes] obstetrics.

A faux documentary shows parents-to-be submitting to hospital tests to see if their babies will be Marmite lovers or haters. “A recent study has shown that babies in womb may be able to taste what their mothers have eaten, via the amniotic fluid,” a doctor tells us. The ad shows parents enjoying (or not) the revealing moment, as creepy 4D scans reveal the delighted or appalled reactions of their foetuses.

It’s rather a complex set-up for the same old ‘love or hate it’ pay-off – but following the web link at the ad’s end suggests Marmite has evidently recruited some real-life expectant parents for tests with a company called Window to the Womb. So how faux is the faux documentary? Is the doctor in it real? What is the value of the real tests, to Marmite or the viewer? Confusing.