Sainsbury's launched the most new 'British' products in 2010, overtaking M&S, a new report has found.

The supermarket launched 102 products that specifically included the word British in the on-pack description, compared with 51 at M&S. In 2009, M&S introduced 66 new British products and Sainsbury's launched 59.

Mintel analyst and report author Kiti Soininen said Sainsbury's strong performance in 2010 was partly down to an overall rise in NPD, driven by its Taste the Difference relaunch. But British had also increased its share among all NPD launches at Sainsbury's over the past 12 months, thanks to initiatives such as its switch to British ­frozen peas in early 2010.

Overall, Sainsbury's ­accounted for 23% of new British own-label or leading brand launches captured by Mintel in 2010, ­followed by Tesco (15%), Waitrose (14%) and M&S (11%). Morrisons' share of British launches was 5%, while Asda's was 4% and the Co-operative's was 3%.

"Tesco's high share of 'British' launches is largely thanks to its high overall levels of NPD, while M&S and Waitrose 'overtrade' in 'British' launches, partly ­reflecting their positioning, which demonstrates a high commitment to provenance," said Soininen.

'British' launches were popular for meat, fish and egg products, followed by ready meals and dairy ­products, according to the Mintel report. "These are high-profile sectors of British farming, and areas where major grocers have increasingly committed to domestic sourcing, with Morrisons in particular raising provenance on to the competitive agenda in recent years," Soininen said.

But British also gained share in NPD categories such as bakery and potato snacks, with more manufacturers highlighting their UK-grown potatoes.

Mintel's results only pick up products that specifically mention the word 'British' and are indicative rather than definitive numbers of British products launched per retailer.